Wet Angle Grinder NS125 - Rodia


The Rodia Wet Angle Grinder is a light weight, compact grinder used to cut glass mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite tile. The Rodia Wet Angle Grinder allows for a dust free cutting of tile using a 5" Diamond Wet Blade. The NS125 Wet Angle Grinder is a light and compact grinder that allows you to mount the side grip on the left or the right side for a solid grip and versatile. The Wet Angle Grinder has a spindle lock for easy tool change. The Grinder has a fully adjustable speed control that will allow you to change your desired RPM output. Blade Arbor: 5/8"


  • GFCI Switch
  • Water Tank (1.3 Gallon)
  • 5" Superior Quality Diamond Tile Wet Blade
  • Locking Nut and Key

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