Under Floor Heating - SunTouch 240 VAC TapeMat Kits

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SunTouch TapeMat Kits are easy to install floor warming kits that are customizable to fit in any area of your home. These kits can be installed under tile, stone, or laminate flooring. TapeMat Kits include: SunTouch TapeMat(s) - 2' wide floor heating elements, SunStat Command Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, LoudMouth Installation Monitor, Double Sided Tape, Installation Manual.

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Measure the area you need to cover, and then multiply the length by the width to get the square footage of your area.

Be sure only to measure your traffic areas. Areas under under cabinets, sinks, tubs, and any other fixtures don't need to be heated.

Some kits may be offered with 1 or 2 mats depending on the size (see below chart).

Available 240 VAC TapeMat Kits

Please choose what size 240 VAC TapeMat Kit you would like with the options above.

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