Tile Flooring Underlayment - Blanke Securmat

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Blanke Securmat is an uncoupling tile underlayment membrane that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone floor coverings. Blanke Securmat can be used on interior floors and walls.

Securmat also provides superior crack isolation protection on concrete substrates. If the substrate may be subject to lateral movement of any kind, the crack isolation properties will help protect and prevent damage to the tile covering.

Securmat is made of reinforced fiberglass mesh embedded between two layers of polyester fabric. Securmat is extremely light weight, thin, and easy to install. Because it features such a thin, low elevation, it requires much less thinset mortar than most other rolled uncoupling products. For installation, simply apply mortar with a 1/4" x 5/16" V-notched trowel, and embed Securmat.

Securmat can be used over wood and concrete substrates, and should be installed with a modified thinset mortar. Securmat can be used with any size tiles, and was given a "extra heavy" rating for high impact use by the Tile Council of North America.

Thickness: 0.9 mm (nominal 1/25")

Available Sizes

  • By the square foot
  • 134.5 sq ft roll (3.28' wide x 41' long)
  • 269 sq ft roll (3.28' wide x 82' long)
  • 538 sq ft (3.28 wide x 164' long)

You can also order per square foot by selecting the 'Per Sq Ft' option and adding the quantity of square feet you need in the quantity box.

Blanke Securmat is 3.28' wide. To figure your square footage multiply the length by the width of the area you need to cover.


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