StoneTech® Restore™ Acidic Cleaner


Restore™ Acidic Cleaner easily cleans hard water deposits, grout haze, efflorescence, and soap scum from any stone or tile surface. Although it can be used anywhere, it is especially useful in stone and tile showers where hard water deposits and soap scum are at their worst. Restore™ Cleaner will clean it right up, and renew your tile and grout leaving it looking brand new.

Restore™ is a professional grade acidic cleaner that is suitable for use on ceramic tile, porcelain tile & grout, granite, slate, and sandstone.

Restore™ Cleaner is available by the quart and is a concentrate. The quart can cover up to 2,500 square feet.

Dilute concentrated cleaner with warm water according to the following mixing chart:

  1. Apply mixed solution with a clean mop, towel, sponge or sprayer. Avoid applying cleaner on unintended surfaces.
  2. Lightly rub with a scrub brush or floor machine as needed.
  3. Remove solution using a sponge, wet/dry vacuum or damp mop.
  4. Rinse area well with clean water and wipe dry. Thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces with clean water.
  5. Reseal cleaned area with a StoneTech® Professional sealer.
Please note that this is a concentrate.  

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