Shower Curb Kit - Kirb Perfect


This Kirb Perfect Kit is to be used with PVC Liner and either with or without 2x4 pieces of wood.The Kirb-Perfect Shower Curb Kit is a plastic guide, or mold that allows you to easily build a shower curb out of mudset. 

Simply cut the Kirb Perfect kit to the desired length and shape, then screw down the Kirb Perfect Kit. Next, fill in the Kirb Perfect mold with mudset, pack it down, smooth it out and let set. If the shower's curb is longer than 30" long you can purchase multiple sets and they can be cut and modified!

The Kirb Perfect Kit Includes:

  • (1) Shower Curb - 30" Long x 4-9/16" Wide x 5-1/2" Tall.
  • (2) 1-1/4" Screws
  • (8) 3/4" Stainless Self-tapping Screws
  • (1) Instruction Pamphlet

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