Roberts GT Double Case Carpet Stretcher


The Power-Lok Stretcher is the most advanced power stretcher available. This model is the double case model, which includes two cases, one for your stretcher and tubes, and a tube case that holds up to 4 additional carpet stretcher tubes.

  • Power-Lok switch handle locks into 17 different "stretch/pattern holding" positions Unique swivel head for stretching angles or corners
  • Variable pin penetration for different carpet thicknesses
  • Low profile head with sidekicking platform makes it compatible with a knee-kicker
  • New design steel handle on head for better grip and repositioning
  • Standard 18" tail block includes a foam wall protector and wheels for easy repositioning
  • Stretch up to 23-1/2' with included tubes

The 10-254V Value Kit includes

  • Power-Lok Unit
  • Tail Block with Wheels
  • (6) 3' Extension Tubes
  • Adjustable Locking Tube
  • Transfer Tube
  • Tube Carrying Case
  • Stretcher Carrying Case

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