NC Millennium '4X4' Portable Carpet Binder


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The NC Millennium binds 23 feet of carpet per minute. Powered by 3 independently clutch driven pullers + front feeder, the NC Millennium '4X4' Portable Carpet Binder rivals the strength of our table model units. Since it's inception in 2000, attempted copies of the Millennium have hit the market. But when it comes to quality and reliability, there is no other machine like it. The NC Millennium 4x4 is three times faster than conventional bobbin type portables. So throw away your bobbins and bind 1000's of feet without changing thread. As you can see, this binding machine will save you tons of time and money.

NC Millennium 2017 Features

  • Bobbin-less, Twin Puller, Chain-lock Stitch.
  • Uses two large spools of thread (throw away your bobbins)
  • Push Button Oiling
  • Accommodates Serging Tape,7/8",1-1/4", 3", 5", and wide borders 
  • Generates 23’ per minute(1380’ per hour) on Cove Base
  • Binds any ROOM-SIZE carpet at a rate of 16’ per minute
  • Hand wheel makes turning corners effortlessly
  • Take Up Assembly (Helps Eliminate Missed Stitches)
  • Extra Long Stabilizing Base give you that "Cadillac" feel
  • Instructional/Maintenance Video

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