Gundlach - Grout Cleaning System


Gundlach's Grout Cleaning System permits faster and easier grout cleanup of floors and walls compared to other methods. This system works great because the tub acts as a settling tank for the grout that has been removed. This keeps the sponge cleaner than the usual method of hand rinsing the sponge in a bucket. The holder helps keep your hands out of the water so they stay dry. Sponge attaches securely to the holder as the ‘loop’ backing of the sponge grabs the ‘hook’ backing the holder allowing for easier sponge changing. Tub with casters measures 10-3/4" wide x 19" long x 12-3/4" high.


  1. Fill the tub with water to about 3/4" above the rinse grate
  2. Attach a No. 437-01 Sponge to the No. 437-02 Holder
  3. Wet the sponge by pressing over the rinse grate
  4. Remove excess water by moving the sponge over the rollers
  5. Clean tile
  6. Rinse and wet the sponge as needed


  • Tub moves easily on four dual wheel swivel casters with two having brakes for greater stability
  • Soft touch handle allows for easy one handed carrying
  • Plastic rinse grate and two plastic rollers mounted on a stainless steel roller frame
  • 6 gallon tub with a corner pour spout

System Includes

  • (1) 6 Gallo Tub
  • (1) No. 437-02 Sponge Holder
  • (1) No. 437-01 Sponge
  • (4) Casters (2 with brakes)
Price listed is per Grout Cleaning System.

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