Flexible Diamond Pads - 4 Inch - Rodia

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These are the Rodia Flexible Diamond Pads that are used with the Diamond Pad Kit. These are the Rodia Flexible Diamond Pads, which are used wet with the FB750W and the FB1200W. In order to use these pads with the Rodia Diamond Tile Drills you will need the Diamond Pad Kit, which features the adapter and Velcro support disc. The Flexible Diamond Pads are used in the final polishing and blending of natural stone tiles, facades and counter tops. These discs can also be used on sanitary ware such as contours and other irregular shapes like sink rims.

Since the Diamond Pads are used wet you can eliminate dust and debris like there would be when using dry sanding discs. Longer paper life is achieved when the Diamond Pads don't load up with dust from polishing and sanding natural stone. Wet use allows less build up of dust by cooling down the paper, which prevents grit loss.

Rodia Flexible Diamond Pads are sold 1 disc per package.

Rodia offers a wide variety of grit Diamond Pads in order to accommodate your sanding and polishing needs. Please choose the Diamond Pad grit with the options above.

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