Extra Heavy-Duty Ultimate Cornering Carpet Binder


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NC has introduced the 80800RFC into its "Ultimate Cornering Series".

This machine takes the extra heavy duty "Humvee" binder and combines it with the ability to sew inside turns, inside circles, and acute angles. This unit is complete with a top and bottom driven rear puller. There is no machine that can match the 80800RFC's industrial & turning ability. If you are searching for a comparable machine, you will not find one. The 80800RFC is the only one of its kind.

80800RFC Features:

  • Comes complete with table model workstation
  • Equipped with close couple rear puller
  • NC "Ultimate Cornering" Technology
  • Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch
  • Longer lasting customized parts
  • Equipped with 11/4" Tape Guide
  • Bind up to 7" Tape with this machine
  • 1/2 HP Table Motor Stand (110/220V-50/60) Cycle Motor with Reversible Switch
  • Rear puller is top and bottom feed; Extra wide puller provides increased pulling power that competitor knockoffs can't provide
  • No knockoff to date, but as in the past theirs will NOT have a rear puller
  • New style attachment reduces tape puckering
  • Made in the USA

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