Crain 812 Super Saw


The 13 AMP motor of the 812 Super Saw can fully undercut inside corners even in areas with as little as 12" clearance. The 6-1/2" diameter flush cutting blade will cut doors as thick as 1-3/4" without removal. The blade height is adjustable from flush cut to a maximum of 1-1/4" off the floor.

The No 812 has a dual angle depth gauge which allows undercutting at a straight on or 45 degree angle. The Super Saw also has a vacuum fitting for a 1-1/4" hose for dust control and to save cleanup time (Vacuum not included). The dual handles offer improved control and a retractable stabilizer arm helps prevent tipping. The 812 Super Saw can be used with the Crain Blades No. 805 Masonry, No. 821 Carbide Tipped, and the Crain No. 822 Segmented Diamond Rim (sold separately).

The 812 Super Saw comes with:

  • No. 805 Masonry Blade
  • No. 821 Carbide Tipped Steel Blade
  • Plastic Case
  • Hex wrench
  • Instructions

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