Blanke ULTRA-DRAIN - Drain Mat


The Blanke ULTRA-DRAIN is the first drain mat system that can be installed without a thick mortar bed and that offers all the stress absorption properties of an uncoupling system. The superior drainage properties of the Blanke ULTRA-DRAIN prevent freeze/thaw damage caused by the accumulation of moisture in exterior tile installations and help reduce unsightly efflorescence. Although only 1/4” thick, the Blanke ULTRA-DRAIN provides superior compressive and tensile strength when compared to other drain mats and uncoupling systems.

Blanke Ultra-Drain is packaged at 97.5 sq ft per carton. Blanke Ultra Drain comes in 2' x 3.2' squares, which is 6.5 sq ft per square.


  • Prevents freeze/thaw damage and efflorescence
  • Provides superior compressive and tensile strength
  • Provides crack isolation properties
  • Particularly suitable for exterior use

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