Airsled Appliance Mover - Spacer System

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The Airsled Spacer System allows the Airsled Appliance Movers to lift heavy objects that sit on legs. Simply rest the Spacer System on the top side of your Air Beams, and then you are able to lift heavy objects that sit on legs.

The Airsled Spacer System is adjustable from 4" to 7". It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and will fit in the carrying bag for the rough surface and carpet adapters. There are two sizes available, either the 36" length or the 44" length. Please choose the proper size that will fit your Airsled, 44" Spacers shouldn't be used with the 39" Air Beams.

Please choose the size of your Airsled Spacer System with the options above.

NOTE: The Price listed is for the Airsled Spacer System, Air Beams not included.

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