Airsled Air Dolly - Model 2015 - 800 lb Capacity


The Airsled Refrigerator Mover Model 2015 is a heavy duty air dolly capable of moving up to 800 lbs. Airsled is a company that has been in the business for 19 years, making quality Air Dollies. Airsled Products are an innovative idea that uses hovercraft technology in order to lift heavy objects on a cushion of air. Save time on labor cost and potential injury that could be the result of lifting heavy objects. Let the Airsled products do the work for you.

Product Features:

  • 2015 capable of lifting up to 800 lbs with a flip of the switch
  • 4 peak horsepower blower motor
  • Solid aluminum constructed air beams
  • Neoprene perforated fabric underside
  • Moves heavy objects on 1" cushion of air
  • Uses Hover Craft Technology
  • Moves heavy objects over most surfaces
  • Will move over carpet and rough surfaces using adapters
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easily transported from job site to job site

Model 2015 comes complete with:

  • (2) 9" X 36" X 1/8" Airsled Aluminum Air Beams
  • (1) 4 Peak Horsepower Blower Motor Unit
  • (3) Hoses
  • (1) "T" Connector
  • (4) Rough Surface/Carpet Adapters
  • (2) Nylon Carrying Cases and Carrying Straps
IMPORTANT NOTES: Airsled Refrigerator Mover Air Dollies will lift just about any object over any surface if used as directed. However, the most important aspect of using an Airsled Product is the size and weight of the object you are moving. The Airsled Model 2015 has a lift capacity of up to 800 pounds. DO NOT try to lift objects over 800 pounds. Also, the model 2015 has Air Beams that are 9" wide. Make sure you have a wide enough width between the legs of the object being moved in order to properly fit the Air Beams. You should never have the Air Beams touching the legs of the object being moved. Allow at least a 1/2" of space between the leg and Air Beams. Also, never attempt to move an object that has a depth larger than the Air Beam length. The Model 2015 has 36" skids, DO NOT move objects larger than 34". Always allow the Air Beams to extend past the object being moved by at least 2".

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