Adjustable Floor Transition Profile - Aluminum

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 This is the Blanke Adjustable Floor Transition Profile - Aluminum

The Blanke adjustable transition profile is comprised of a rigid PVC base which is color coded to designate the corresponding tile height, an aluminum cap profile which is inserted into the base after the adjoining floor surface has been installed. The aluminum cap profile is then pressed down to rest on the adjacent floor surface.


Apply the setting material according to the manufacturer's instructions. Press the perforated leg of the base into the setting material. Trowel the setting material over the leg making sure there is full coverage within the perforations and along the edge of the leg. Scrape the excess setting material off the top of the setting leg. Set the tiles directly against the trim without a grout joint. After the adjoining flooring has been installed, insert the aluminum cap into the base. Use a wooden board to angle the protruding flange of the cap down to where the edge is firmly press against the top of the adjoining floor surface.

Priced per 8' strip in the finish and tile height you choose.

Please choose what finish and size tile height you would like with the options above.

Profiles ship for a flat rate of $23.00.

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