4 Pack - EZ Moves Skids & Hard Surface Socks

The 4 Pack EZ Moves help you move heavy objects with ease. Simply place the EZ Moves underneath the objects being moved with a simple tilt of the object. Once the EZ Moves are in place simple pull or push the object to any location. EZ Moves make turning corners and moving heavy objects effortless. Make moving heavy and large furniture easy and save unnecessary stress to your back.

EZ Moves II ™ furniture skids are 5-3/4" x 9-1/2" in size, and have 1/2" thick EVA foam.

This package is unique due to the fact that you are able to cover the carpet slides with the EZ Moves Hard Surface Socks. As the name suggest, you slide these over the carpet slides in order to reduce the amount of friction caused when moving over hard surfaces such as hardwood floors. Be sure to clean your floors before using the Hard Surface Socks and Carpet Slides. You wouldn't want anything abrasive to scratch or ruin your floors.

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