20" Professional Manual Tile Cutter - Rodia


Rodia manufactures a unique line of  high quality, professional stainless steel tile cutters for long lasting durability. Rodia Manual Tile Cutters feature a one hand scoring and breaking system which will save you time on labor cost and installation time. All Rodia Tile Cutters are made out of a durable and easy to maintain stainless steel metal. Use Rodia Premium and Titanium Scoring Wheels with this manual tile cutter. Rodia Manual Tile Cutters are supplied with everything you need to break, score, and get your tile and stone ready for installation.


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Cuts 20" Tile and will cut 14" tile diagonally
  • Max Tile Thickness 7/8"
  • Breaking Power: 2,200 lbs.
  • Angular Measuring System for Cuts at any angle
  • To be used with Rodia Scoring Wheels
  • Rubber Feet to prevent scratching of tiles
  • Flexible breaking table
  • Full length breaking bar


  • Carrying Case
  • Rodia 3/8" (10mm) Premium Scoring Wheel
  • Angular Measuring System and Tile Stop
  • One Handed Scoring and Breaking System
  • 2 Tile Supports for large tiles

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