2-1/2" ADA Wheelchair Ramps

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EZ Edge wheelchair ramps meet specific ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant codes and regulations. All ADA wheelchair ramps are environmentally green, as they are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled tires. Ramps can be easily installed on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, and marble, and can be used in a variety of applications including entry ways, door thresholds, and roll in showers. Simply match up the height of the transition or threshold to the height of one of our ADA wheelchair ramps, and establish immediate access to those in a wheelchair or those with a disability.

1. All ADA Wheelchair Ramps in the 2-1/2" height have a depth of 34-3/4".

Note: 2-3/4" height ramps come with a grid pattern (as shown above) and are available in 46" or 82" widths.

2. All EZ Edge ADA Wheelchair Ramps are manufactured in a black rubber finish. You have the option to create an attractive, color fast, slip resistant surface if you choose. Please view the color options below.

NOTE: Adding a StoneCap Finish will add an additional 3-4 business days before the order will ship.

Color Options: Nutmeg or Antique Bronze (Antique Bronze is black with specs of bronze)

3. Ramp installation is easy. Refer to the figure below, follow the step by step instructions, and you'll have an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp installed in no time.

  1. Clean and dry the substrate.
  2. Dry fit the ramp by placing it flush against the threshold
  3. Use painter's tape to outline the ramp
  4. Remove the ramp
  5. Using a caulking gun, generously apply adhesive onto the substrate
  6. Apply pressure to the "toe edge" and squeeze the adhesive out onto the tape
  7. Place heavy objects on the ramp overnight, such as a sand bag
  8. When adhesive is dry, cut off any excess adhesive with a utility knife
  9. Then you remove your tape, and you're set!!

Please choose the WIDTH of your EZ Edge ADA Wheelchair Ramp from the drop down menu above. Also, please select your COLOR from the drop down menu above. All ramps come standard in a black rubber finish; additional colors are available for an additional cost. All EZ ADA Wheelchair Ramps with a width of over 46" will come in 2 pieces that will be glued down side by side for a seamless ramp.

Note: Only ramps 1" and over in height will have a grid pattern. All other ramps will come without a grid pattern.

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